Наша компания поставляет крыло Yokohama для российского клиента.


Our company makes yokohama fender for the Russian customer. According to the customer's requirements, the ship fender is made with high standard, high quality and high timeliness. And agent transport directly to the fender to the customer's designated ship


Yokohama fender is a kind of berthing cushion and protection ship supplies, widely used in ships, offshore facilities, offshore platforms, ports, marinas, yachts and other fields. The inflatable rubber is more practical and economical than the general rubber fender, so it is very popular.


The inflatable fender is a rubber airtight container made of gluon cloth as the framework material. The fender and the ball can float on the surface of the water after being filled with compressed air, which is used as an important buffer medium for the berthing of the ship and the dock. At the same time, the inflatable fender can absorb the impact energy of ship movement, reduce the recoiling force of ship, and greatly improve the safety of ship docking.


The ship fender USES air as the medium to absorb the impact energy, which makes the ship have flexibility when docking, so as to achieve the effect of anti-collision, anti-collision, anti-avoidance. Inflatable fender (alongside the ball) has been widely used in oil tankers, container ships, engineering ships, ocean-going fishing boats, offshore platforms, large docks, military ports, large piers and other ships and offshore platforms.


The company mainly produces: inflatable rubber fender, yokohama fender, ship fender, ship airbag, buoy, launching airbag, floating fender, submarine fender, etc.

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